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Facial procedures come in different forms and styles, but one that is gaining so much popularity is hydrafacial. The Fountain of Youth Med Spa is one of the destinations for top-notch hydrafacial. It is one of Denver’s best medical spas. Not only does it provide hydrafacial procedures, but also other beauty procedures like premium botox and injectables, laser hair removal, eyelash extensions, body contouring, and feminine rejuvenation, to name a few.

Hydrafacial – The beautifying power of water

A HydraFacial differs from traditional methods of face washing, which can be abrasive and might cause skin irritation. The cutting-edge HydraFacial procedure gently cleanses, refreshes, and rejuvenates your face using the power of water. The HydraFacial combines water's cleansing and refining power to give your skin a deep clean. It gently dissolves your excess skin oil and deep cleans your pores to get rid of clogs, filth, and bacteria using the revolutionary Vortex-Fusion technology, an instrument that looks like a pen. Hydrafacial addresses dry skin, fine lines, wrinkles, skin discoloration, sun damage, clogged pores, and acne breakouts.

Multiple steps to perfect skin

Your skin is thoroughly cleaned during the HydraFacial process, and moisturizing serum is delivered at the same time by the combined vortex-fusion action. Your skin gets moisturized both on the surface and in the deeper layers. The extent and type of hydrafacial procedure you will receive heavily relies on the overall condition of your skin. hydrafacial is a multi-step procedure that begins with a thorough cleansing of the skin to get rid of oil, debris, and impurities. the skin is lightly exfoliated to help achieve invigorated and rejuvenated results. it will then be followed by a gentle suction method using specialized equipment, which is usually in the form of a Vortex-Fusion system to get rid of excessive oil, loosened skin, and impurities. The final step is to infuse a special moisturizing serum into the deep layer of the skin. more special products can be infused too to protect the skin from dryness and further breakouts along with other common issues like fine lines and wrinkles. If you have not tried or considered hydrafacial before, don’t hesitate to discuss such a treatment with your aesthetician.

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